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    Pia Mancini

    Open Source is not free. Somebody else paid for

    We'll get into the why & the how of improving the health of our open source ecosystem.
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    Samuel Snopko

    Headless - the future of CMS is here

    Find out the key features of any CMS and why the headless is the new buzzword, which everybody wants to use. I will take you on the opinionated path through the CMS's history and what we should expect from the future. In the end, I will cover all the key features of the CMS you should consider if you are thinking about the new content platform.
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    Simona Cotin

    Serverless at the end of the Universe

    Serverless functions are extremely good at what they do and provide planet-scale computing power for your applications. The one thing where serverless functions fall short is when it comes to state management. When missing state management abilities building up complex flows in your data processing will prove to be quite daunting, and most often than not will require you to provide custom mechanisms for enabling you to communicate between your functions. I am here to explain the challenges and what we can do to tackle them in a way that is extensible and suitable for production environments.
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    Nik Graf

    End-to-end encryption for all your data

    In the last couple years plenty of messaging apps introduced end-to-end encryption to offer improved privacy. But it doesn't only have to be messaging. Let's end-to-end encrypt documents, spreadsheets, calendars and more. In this talk Nik shares his journey exploring this field, it's challenges and lays out a vision of an end-to-end encrypted future.
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    Cian Ó Maidín

    Breaking Chains of Transmission with Javascript

    In this talk, Cian will share the challenges of building an COVID-19 exposure notification app for all, the importance of getting it right from the start, while working to tight deadlines against an ever evolving pandemic. Cian will discuss how NearForm used an open source approach to public health to help break chains of transmission and save lives using JavaScript.
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    Jodok Batlogg

    F*** the bread. The bread is over

    To learn and evolve, one needs to break with existing patterns, techniques or behaviours. Over the past years Jodok has built, led and coached several successful engineering teams. He's known to craft unique cultures, and enabling people to grow. In this talk he's going to share how to be better in learning, and even more important - to help others to learn. Because this is not only important to grow in your career, but also as person.
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    Max Stoiber

    How I decided what I want to do with my life

    In the average person's lifetime, they spend about 1/3 of their waking time working. I spent a great deal of time after leaving my last job considering what I wanted to do next and eventually co-founded a new startup. Let me show you how I figured out what I want to do with my life.
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    Christoph Klocker

    Unstoppable websites with Skynet & Handshake

    When censorship is booming and tech giants start deciding whats right or wrong and the same companies run the basic infrastructure to host websites we need an alternative. Blockchain and decentralized storage is here to help. In this talk we explore decentralized hosting with Skynet and Handshake.
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    Jecelyn Yeen

    Browser automation with Puppeteer

    The Chrome DevTools team maintains Puppeteer, a Node.js library for browser automation using a simple and modern JavaScript API. This session gives an overview of what is Puppeteer, recent changes in Puppeteer, including new features, architectural changes, and a sneak peek of what's coming next.
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    Stefan Grasböck

    Fire and Forget - How to eliminate side effects

    We’ve all been there - user data gets updated and we want to send a notification per email but the server is currently not available and therefore they get never notified. Or even worse, the transaction, which modified the user, is rolled back because of an unstable network. Learn and understand how we solved this with a simple Attribute that enables us to shift execution outside of the current context.
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    Sahin Ucar

    Vue3 & Composition API in production

    I want to show you a new evolving standard at TOWA with Vue, Storybook and Tailwind. How such a process can look like and what benefits we gain from the development itself until to closing tasks.
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    Michael Bromley

    Modern e-commerce development with Vendure

    The onset of COVID restrictions has triggered a surge in demand for e-commerce development, yet existing e-commerce development too often means working with outdated tooling and architectures. In this talk Michael will share his journey in attempting to solve this problem with his work on the open-source headless e-commerce framework Vendure.
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    Sean Grove

    Next-generation API clients - Move fast, own your abstractions

    SaaS and APIs make payments, error reporting, helpdesks, CRMs, etc. easy to reuse, and let us embed our services inside others, from GitHub to Salesforce to Stripe. But even though integration makes up so much of our product these days, each time it’s treated as a one-off glue-code that’s difficult to test, debug, and document - *and* our domain models are heavily infected by that of the providers. We’ll see what happens when we make the glue code explicit, versioned, introspectable, and explore what it means to keep our own domain abstractions in our API clients.