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What is WorkerConf 2022?

WorkerConf is a unique software conference for backend developers, interested in participating, learning, and contributing to topics like Node.js, Smart Contracts, Blockchain, … and more.

What about COVID-19?

The COVID-19 Pandemic is not over yet. Therefore we taking protective measures and follow the respective guidelines from the Austrian health authorities. Ministry of social affairs, health, care

When will WorkerConf 2022 take place?

10.06.2022 - Conference, Dornbirn / Conrad Sohm
11.06.2022 - Outdoor activities, Brandnertal

Current COVID-19 situation in Austria

Please find more information here:

Can I join without biking?

Yes. Brandnertal offers a lot of other sports experience, regardless of the weather.

How can I contact the WorkerConf team?

Email: team@worker.sh

Where is the outdoor part taking place?

Bikepark Brandnertal and it's surroundings.

How can I join the outdoor day?

Please buy the Outdoor ticket. Transfer, breakfast and if needed bike etc will be arranged.

How do I submit a speaker application?

Please send an email to: team@worker.sh

Will the content be accessible after the event is over?

Yes, after the event every talk will be available on demand for further usage and learnings.

How can I purchase a conference ticket?

Click the Ticket button and follow the guidelines. If you encounter unexpected difficulties, let us know.